Badddha Konasana – Cobbler’s or Butterfly Pose

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Sanskrit name: Baddha Konasana
English Translation: Bound Angle
Also Called: Butterfly

Step by Step

* Sit on the ground, bending both knees and bringing your feet together.
* Using your hands, open your feet up like a book. Use your muscles to press your knees down towards the floor. This will help to open your hips up even more.
* Lengthen your spine, drawing your belly button towards your spine. Relax your shoulders and gaze either in front of you or towards your feet.
* Stay here for 5 breaths, and then slowly begin to fold forward, drawing your torso towards your legs. Remember to try and keep your spine straight.
* You can keep your hands on your feet, pressing your knees down with your arms, or if you want more of a stretch, extend your arms out in front of you. Stay here for 5 breaths or as long as you want.

Your hips will love you for this. Plus your lower back gets a little stretch, and I found doing this pose before and after a run or bike ride prevents me from having tightness in my lower back later.


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