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Whether you are on a plane, a train or in an automobile you can still experience the benefits of yoga.

Yoga is one of the most flexible forms of exercise in every sense. The modern image of the discipline is city slickers sweating it out after work in a crowded class but yoga can also be practiced effectively in a sedentary position whilst on the move. As most of now spend significant amounts of our working lives and our free time in transit this presents an ideal opportunity to keep our muscles both supple and relaxed and the blood circulating effectively, which is particularly important in flight. By practicing a few basic routines journeys can become less stressful and more refreshing.

Here are a few simple exercises which can be done on a plane, a train or in the car (with the exception of those in the driving seat).

1.With the legs in the crossed position rotate the ankle of the foot raised from the ground, making small circles with the points of the feet. As the feet are rotated in a clockwise direction breath in. When you are ready to exhale then change the direction of the circles so that the point of your foot is moving in an anticlockwise direction. Repeat this cycle 3-6 times and then cross your legs in the opposite direction so you can swap feet. Repeat the procedure with your other foot. It doesn’t matter which foot you start with.

2.Placing your left foot on the ground for support cross your right leg over your left leg, lift your right foot pulling up the toes in the direction of the knee. Breathing out push the toes down towards the floor lifting up the knee a little at the same time. Repeat this 4-6 times and then swap feet.

3.With both feet placed on the floor and your back supported against the seat breath in deeply and slowly contract the muscles of the feet, the legs, the thighs and then the abdomen. Breath out, relax all the muscles. If you suffer from circulatory problems then only contract the muscles in the feet, legs and thighs.

4.Breathing in consciously contract all the muscles of the body starting with the feet and working upwards. Breathing out relax everything (this exercise can be quite demanding and is not advisable for those with cardiovascular problems).

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